Say Hello to the Velocisti

The people with the passion and the skills.

Say hello to the Velocisti: our team of experts at the heart of Veloce Publishing. A dedicated bunch, they hail from all industries and backgrounds, but all have one thing in common: a love for what they do, and a love of sharing their enthusiasm for our subjects with you.

We are lucky to count a number of specialists among our team, from the automotive, literary, design, technical, and creative backgrounds alike. It's this wide range of skills, combined with the vision of our authors and publishers, that enables us to create the great books you love. But the Velocisti are not only highly skilful, they're also highly versatile, and each is able to bring a different, fresh approach to every aspect of our work … not to mention bringing the odd cake or two on Fridays, if we're lucky.

Every Velocisti has his or her own speciality, from the crafty wordsmiths, and the digital manipulators, to the code-speakers and layout artists. We'll be introducing you to them over the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled on our social channels and blog – and, as they say in Italy, "saluta i Velocisti!"

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