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We count some of the most respected people from the worlds of journalism, motorsport and industry amongst our authors

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We pride ourself on the quality of our books, and that stems in no small part from our authors. Since our founding, we have made it our priority to ensure the expertise, hard work, and passion that authors put into their work, is married with our own, to create books that are not only entertaining and desirable, but also accurate and up-to-date.
Many of our authors hail from the automotive world, and many have witnessed, been part of, and even instrumental to major historical events in the motoring world. From World Champion racers, to designers and engineers responsible for some of the most iconic vehicles in history, to journalists and photographers of outstanding merit: we know that it's our authors and readers who enable us to do what we do.
We also recognise that expertise and passion is not defined by where you work or what you do: our authors include the some of the most knowledgeable enthusiasts. hobbyists, and amateurs from all around the world. Whether 'new talent,' or an 'old hand,' we pride ourselves on our ability to help and guide our authors through the publication process.

Do you have an idea for a book?

If you've ever thought of publishing a book, or have an idea that you think you could write about – whether it's an automotive volume, or a book that may be relevant to our other imprints – why not get in touch and discuss your idea? Send us an email, give us a call, or drop us a line

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